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Hi, I’m Bryan

I'm a portrait photographer.

I find it’s important to make portraits of people who are true to themselves. People who make the best out of a situation. For example: A mother, a carpenter, a cashier, a painter.. anyone who chooses to do their best with whatever cards they've been dealt. Or on the contrary, people who refuse to accept their cards, and pursue goals to make their dreams possible. These are the people I find worthy of documentation. They are examples of what we should strive to be.

Portraiture gives us a chance to get to know someone through a single image. To capture a split second of that person’s true nature. The lines on a face tell a story. Every hardship someone has pushed through, or joy experienced. The goal of my portraits are to write the story, documented in the form of a photograph, to inspire and remind younger generations of what is possible when we aim to do better.

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