The most important thing we can do during our short stay on this planet, is open our hearts to each other.

These moments are real, and serve to remind us that we are here, living and breathing in a real live story. It would be an honor to share that experience with you.

I used to hate weddings..

I thought they were cheesy, cliché, and unnecessary. Now, I'm the biggest fan. As an artist I’m drawn to moments that are “real”. I discovered that weddings are full of them. From the vows at the altar to the first dance at the reception; these are moments that are rare, and for those of us lucky enough to witness them, understand they are meant to be cherished.

Recognizing genuine authentic realness is a skill that comes with experience; from observing and paying attention to one's own feelings, in order to recognize and feel them in others. I love people, and most of all I Iove when people open their hearts to each other. I believe it’s the most important thing we can do during our short stay on this planet. I would be honored to share that experience with you, and most importantly, to capture its realness in all its glory. I’m here to be your wedding photographer.


Our elopement in Hanalei, where Sylvie and I first met.

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